Author Event: Julie Hill

15 08 2011

Julie HillPeppers Theatre was packed to the gunnels with a wide variety of people keen to hear the thoughts of environmentalist Julie Hill, talk about her book, The Secret Life of Stuff. But it wasn’t any normal discussion, and it isn’t any “normal” book on recycling.

Hill spoke about how we all love stuff. We buy things for whatever reason and it accumulates over time before we get rid of it (when we die)—but then what? Renewables are only renewable if companies allow them to be made from materials that can be recycled, so is sustainability limitless or does consumerism have limits, after all, if economic growth cannot continue in its present form what will happen?

The discussion was wide and varied, covering the preservation of water to some important advice about never promoting the idea of a wind farm to a Scottish highlander. Rob Edwards who chaired the event, tied things up by remarking that in order to support Julie in her work we should all go out and NOT buy her book, prompting much laughter in the tent, but to which Julie had ultimately, to nod her head in agreement.




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