Author Event: Alexander McCall Smith

19 08 2011

Alexander McCall SmithMy final event of the day was the brilliant, Alexander McCall Smith, back at the book festival again to talk about his latest work Bertie Plays The Blues. McCall Smith is always hilarious: he tells great jokes, but one can also imagine quite easily, him sitting in his office writing and enjoying the process of writing his own fiction so much, he reduces himself to tears of laughter.

And that’s how it was for the audience tonight: reduced to tears of laughter as he went from one tangent to the other making up stories and tales and jokes as he went.

On a more serious note, Smith is planning on writing more Scotland Street and Corduroy Mansion books—he surely has to be Scotland’s busiest writer, churning out more books per annum than anyone else in the in industry.

He also revealed he has commissioned a tapestry of the entire history of Scotland, spanning from the Ice Age to the opening of the Scottish Parliament. At 107 meters long, it will take two years to create, but once complete any organisation can request to show any part of it, particularly if they have some political or geographical connection with that precise segment. “It’s something for the whole nation,” explained Smith.




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