Author Event: A L Kennedy

21 08 2011

A L KennedyA L Kennedy
The RBS Main Tent and A L Kennedy appeared on stage a slight of her former self, confirming reports that she had indeed been very ill since the completion of her latest novel, The Blue Book – her first since the Costa winning novel, Day published in 2007.

Visibly not herself, she appeared rattled and offended after a woman in the audience left after only five minutes. Kennedy stopped her and asked if it was something she had done, to which the woman replied: “this wasn’t what I was expecting.”

“What were you expecting?” asked Kennedy, as the woman toddled off to the mutterings of a disgusted crowd, and leaving Kennedy unable to complete the first selected reading she had prepared.

She picked herself up, however, and before long was churning out jokes and sarcastic quips like the old days but even then these only came in patches. The main focus became political as she delved into the manipulation of the government, and it was a much quieter audience she held under her spell until Jamie Jauncey called an end to the event.




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