Author Event: Adam Levin

27 08 2011

Adam Levin

A very disappointing 19 people showed up at the RBS Corner Theatre for this event to showcase an exciting new talent from America: Adam Levin. For those that missed it, all I can say is you missed an absolute treat!

Not only is Levin a superb talker but he is very funny both when reading from his new novel, The Instructions, and when answering the questions put to him by chair, Stuart Kelly.

“It took me nine years to write,” explains the Chicago author. “I write every day but ended up deleting most of it then re-writing what was left to death.”

Levin doesn’t feel like he belongs to any particular movement of contemporary writers in America, and proved this by getting Kelly out of his seat to demonstrate the mechanics of a “Penny Gun”, and how to get an audience of any size out of their seats and running for cover!

Born Jewish, the intricacies of what that means right down to the construction of the word itself was analysed, because through the protagonist of his 1000 page masterpiece, he has addressed some of the issues he feels close to “I’ve tried to define it to an extent,” he said, “but much of it is done through comedy, dark comedy, slapstick really.” Levin cited Woody Allen as inspiration for him in that respect.

Given the time it took him to write The Instructions, Levin promised his next work wouldn’t be quite so long in coming. “It’s a collection of short stories,” he said, “but I recently got a pet and have become quite intrigued about what cute things mean to us, for example, when you say things like: ‘you’re so cute I wanna eat you’—that’s something I think I want to explore.

As they say, what this space, only watch it closely.




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