Ten at Ten: Tracey S. Rosenberg

28 08 2011

Tracey S RosenbergThis morning’s free Ten at Ten was a remarkable vignette of historical fiction, that proved as inspiring to readers as much as it did for aspiring authors.

Tracey S. Rosenberg read an extract from her debut novel, The Girl in the Bunker, with rays of confidence and talent, but her story is unique in that she is an ex-employee of the Edinburgh Book Festival.

“It’s great to be here as the local girl that did good,” she joked with her early Sunday morning audience, before launching into a ten minute long, polished performance.

Author Event: Paul Mundoon

20 08 2011

Paul Mundoon
Paul MundoonThe free ‘Ten at Ten’ event threw up a huge name in world poetry yesterday: Northern Irish poet, Paul Mundoon, a T S Eliot and Pulitzer prize winner for poetry, took to the the small and intimate stage in the Writers’ Retreat tent and wowed the couple of dozen people who had been lucky enough to get tickets.

His poetry was smooth, rounded and pleasant on the ear, like cool water running over one’s neck on a hot day; the perfect start to any weekend, I’m sure you can imagine.

The poems he read were touching to the soul and glistening with imagery, and I was lucky enough to capture one or two of them for my book festival podcast (I just need to get the time to be able to mix and produce it). I spoke to him briefly afterwards and took his picture, and I can honestly say that the rumours about the Irish being famously friendly are totally true!