Author Event: Carol Ann Lee

19 08 2011

Biographical author, Carol Ann Lee, read from her book, One of Your Own: The Life and Death of Myra Hindley, in an event which always promised to contain a certain amount of heightened feelings.

With the backing of the families involved, Lee embarked on presenting purely the facts and figures of the story “with the intention that the reader make up his or her own mind about how they feel of Hindley and whether hate was too soft or strong a word to use.” She was determined to remove her own personal feelings from the book and “to tell the story of the untold voices; those that went unheard during the years after Hindley and Brady went down for their unspeakable acts.

Lee said she could not believe Hindley wasn’t a willing participant in the crimes, but also went on to say that she “felt that she did have it in her to be empathetic, eventually; being Godmother to her sister’s child the perfect example.”

Whatever we may feel about the Hindley/Brady story one can be sure that in Carol Ann Lee’s objective approach we now have the definitive account of what happened as best it can be told. I certainly felt that given the families support and involvement in the writing of the book, one must use this as a measure of the accuracy and objectiveness.

Ann Lee is a talented author who has now tackled one of the UK’s most notorious serial killing stories, one that cuts to the very heart of the human soul, and it is perhaps her gentle and intelligent approach to such a topic that makes her the perfect writer to do it.